Annapolis Separation Agreement Lawyers

Even if you and your spouse do not see eye to eye on every aspect of your divorce, you may be interested in obtaining an uncontested divorce in order to avoid costly and emotional divorce litigation. Negotiating a separation agreement may help you achieve this goal.

At the law firm of Trainor, Billman, Bennett & Milko, LLP, our Annapolis separation agreement attorneys help clients understand how separation agreements work and pursue uncontested divorce judgments through the negotiation of these agreements.

Obtaining an Amicable Divorce Through Settlement Negotiation

In Maryland, a separation agreement, also known as a marital settlement agreement, is a formal legal agreement between two spouses that spells out the rules governing how they will live separately. A typical separation agreement includes negotiated settlements governing:

One way to look at separation is this: In a typical marriage, each spouse takes on certain financial and child care responsibilities. A separation agreement replaces these informal arrangements with a formal agreement between spouses who are no longer living together.

Legal separation is usually, though not always, a first step toward divorce. Once you and your spouse have negotiated a separation agreement, you can go to a judge and ask to have that agreement used as the basis for an uncontested divorce judgment.

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