Annapolis Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreement Lawyers

A prenuptial agreement, sometimes referred to as a prenup or a premarital agreement, is entered into before two individuals get married. A postnuptial agreement is entered into after a marriage has taken place. Both documents serve the same purpose, which is to protect each spouse's assets and to help shield each spouse from the other's debts that are brought into the marriage. It is essential to have these documents prepared by skilled and experienced legal counsel.

At the law firm of Trainor, Billman, Bennett & Milko, LLP, our Annapolis prenuptial and postnuptial agreement attorneys help individuals protect their important interests. We serve clients throughout Annapolis and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Crafting Agreements Tailored to Fit Your Unique Situation

Every couple is different. As such, every prenuptial or postnuptial agreement should be different. A "canned" form simply does not take into account the differing needs of the people who are entering into the agreement. Our attorneys can help craft agreements that are tailored to fit your situation. We will carefully review all of the information regarding your assets, including property, investments, bank accounts and more.

Premarital agreements are often misunderstood. The fact is, no one enters into a marriage with plans to divorce later on. However, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can act as a valuable form of insurance should a marriage ever fall apart. When we meet with you, we will explain how you can benefit from such an agreement.

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