Annapolis Support Modification Lawyers

When a divorce decree is finalized, not all of the terms are set in stone. It is possible to modify some terms of an agreement if you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances. Experienced legal counsel can help you modify the terms of a custody agreement, child support and spousal support.

At the law firm of Trainor, Billman, Bennett & Milko, LLP, our Annapolis support modification attorneys can help ensure that your divorce agreement reflects your current reality. We work to resolve legal problems for people throughout the Annapolis area and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

What Terms May be Modified?

Modifications to a divorce agreement are often sought when one party has experienced a substantial change in circumstances. Such changes may involve a remarriage, loss of a job, a relocation and more. If you have experienced a major change, we can help seek a modification to various aspects of your divorce agreement, including:

In general, the terms of marital property division are not subject to modification. However, if the agreement was found to have been improperly carried out during the initial divorce, the court may be willing to adjust these terms. Our attorneys will thoroughly review your situation and inform you of all the options you may have for seeking an adjustment.

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