Annapolis Child Support Enforcement Lawyers

Once an agreement or court order concerning child support, spousal support, or child custody and visitation has been approved by the court, it becomes binding. If one party does not abide by the agreement, he or she may be held in contempt of court. If your ex-spouse is failing to honor the terms of your agreement or court order, or if you are being threatened with an enforcement action, it is important to seek experienced legal advice right away.

At the law firm of Trainor, Billman, Bennett & Milko, LLP, our Annapolis child support enforcement attorneys have extensive experience helping clients abide by the terms of a divorce decree. We provide effective legal advocacy for people throughout Annapolis and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Working to Ensure Your Divorce Agreement Is Honored

Failure to make support payments or to adhere to a child access and visitation plan is a cause for serious concern. The court may order the noncompliant party's wages to be garnished. Also, the threat of being put in jail is very possible.

The goal of our attorneys is to help avoid these severe consequences. We will work hard to find a less contentious alternative to enforcing the terms of a divorce agreement, including those concerning:

Regardless of which side of the dispute you are on, you can rely on us to effectively and aggressively protect your interests.

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