Anne Arundel County Family Law Lawyers

Family disputes can result in serious legal conflicts. While it is generally in the best interests of the parties and their children to settle their differences without going through litigation, it is important to be prepared to go to court, if necessary, to protect important rights and interests.

We Handle a Wide Range of Family Legal Matters

At Trainor, Billman, Bennett & Milko, LLP, our experienced Anne Arundel County and Annapolis family law attorneys offer comprehensive services in all areas of Maryland family law, including:

Divorce: Whether you are considering divorce or your spouse is seeking a divorce, we can help you understand your options and seek positive resolutions to key divorce issues.

Child custody: Determining what will happen to your children is one of the most crucial parts of the divorce process. We can help you protect your relationship with your children.

Child access and visitation: We help clients address all types of issues that arise with respect to child access, including modification and enforcement of visitation rights.

Relocations: When you have to move, either due to a job, remarriage or any other reason, it may be necessary to modify your child custody and visitation plan. We can help craft a plan that preserves the relationship you have with your children.

Child support: In Maryland, child support is based on factors such as each parent's income and parenting time. We can help you pursue a fair child support outcome.

Modifications: Most people's circumstances are prone to change. When they do, it may be necessary to seek a modification to the terms of spousal support, child support and child custody agreements.

Enforcement: If one spouse is not abiding by the terms of a divorce decree, we can take steps toward enforcement to ensure that you and your children are receiving what you are entitled to.

Marital property division: Our experienced divorce lawyers can help you pursue a fair distribution of any property acquired by you or your spouse during your marriage.

High-asset valuation: If you or your spouse owns substantial assets, it is important to hire a law firm that is prepared to pursue an accurate valuation of those assets. Our family law attorneys have extensive experience handling high-asset divorce cases.

Alimony and spousal support: We can help you determine whether alimony is likely to be awarded in your divorce and, if so, pursue an appropriate determination.

Domestic violence and protective orders: If you have been abused by your spouse or have been accused of domestic violence, our attorneys will ensure that your rights are protected.

Separation agreements and uncontested divorce: If you and your spouse are interested in an uncontested divorce, we can help you negotiate a separation agreement.

Divorce mediation: In many cases, mediation, with the help of neutral third party, is a helpful process for getting two parties to agree on a divorce settlement.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: If you are interested in entering into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, we can help you understand your options.

Nontraditional families: We are prepared to deal with the full range of family law issues, including child custody issues, affecting nontraditional families in Maryland.

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If you need assistance with a child custody matter, or any other family legal issues, we can help. Contact our Anne Arundel County family law lawyers online or call 410-280-1700 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation. Our offices are located in downtown Annapolis, just steps from the courthouse, with readily accessible parking.