Is mediation the right option for your divorce in Maryland?

There are many reasons why couples who have decided to end their marriage may want to consider mediating their divorce.

Litigation is not the only divorce resolution option available to couples in Maryland ending their marriages. As opposed to litigation, during the mediation process, couples work with a neutral mediator to resolve their disputes, states Forbes. Although mediation is often a beneficial option, couples should carefully consider whether or not it is the right choice for their divorce before making a final decision.

Reasons to mediate

There are many reasons why divorce mediation can be an advantageous resolution option for couples. According to The Huffington Post, these include some of the following:

  • Couples have more control over the discussion - during the mediation process, important decisions related to property division, child custody and other issues are not left up to the court. Instead, couples are able to choose the divorce-related topics that they want to discuss and settle on.
  • The divorce can be resolved quickly - when a divorce is litigated, couples often have to wait months for court dates to arrive and may also have a hard time coordinating their calendars with several different parties. By mediating their divorce, couples set their own timeframe for resolving issues.
  • Mediation lends itself to greater confidentiality - any documents, work notes or communications used during the divorce mediation process are considered private and confidential. During the litigation process, this information is often revealed publicly to attorneys, judges, court officials and others attending proceedings.
  • The process can be flexible - mediation is particularly beneficial for busy families. When a divorce is mediated, those involved may be able to work around a family's schedule.

However, one of the main benefits associated with divorce mediation is that it is often a less adversarial process. In situations where children are involved, mediation can protect them from conflict and allow parents to focus on their children's needs.

Mediation is not always the best option

Even though the mediation process is advantageous, it is not the right choice for every divorcing couple. For example, if a couple is involved in an unhealthy relationship, the process can reinforce negative behavior patterns. According to Forbes, this may lead to an unfair divorce settlement, especially if one spouse is more dominating than the other.

Before deciding to mediate their divorce, couples in Maryland should carefully consider both the advantages as well as the drawbacks of this process. If you and your spouse are getting a divorce and you desire to participate in the mediation process, speak with an attorney for guidance with this decision.

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